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De Novo Sequencing- Re-Sequencing of Genomes and Comparative Genomics

Microbial whole genome sequencing, re-sequencing or de novo:
Whole genome sequencing includes applications with the goal to generate read data to map to a reference sequence or generate a de novo assembly or both.

The sample input is gDNA from many source of interest: bacteria, fungi, BAC, fosmid, virus etc.

Our platform offers sequencing and re-sequencing of genomic DNA for small/medium scale projects (analysis of small organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses) because we have machines for medium capacity (Roche GS- Junior and Illumina MiSeq)

You can trust on our reactivity, fast delivery, low prices and scientific support for the best adaptation of protocols and techniques to the goals of your projects.

After sequencing, additional bioinformatic services for assembly, sequence alignment on a reference sequence, or more complete services like genome annotation and statistical analyzes are possible.

In fact, our partnership with Bioinformatics Cie Genostar enables us to centralize a complete pipeline for post-sequencing bioinformatic analysis.

The Genomic Plateform DTAMB_BIOFIDAL offers next-generation sequencing service using the Roche 454 GS Junior and Illumina MiSeq

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