Transcriptome is the complete set of transcripts from genome transcription in a specific condition. Thus, RNA-seq is the accurate and highly sensitive method of choice to measure gene expression level and to compare it between different samples and conditions. With this tool, it is also possible to analyze novel transcripts, isoforms, rare transcripts, SNVs variants, gene splicing and gene fusion.

Small RNA-seq

Small RNA-seq is a cost-effective and accurate method to sequence and identify all small RNAs (miRNA, piRNA, snoRNA, siRNA) from total RNA in any species that are involved in gene expression and that have significant functions in many cellular processes. It also allows the discovery of new miRNAs and others small noncoding RNAs and miRNAs expression quantification.

How to use our Barcoding Sequencing by NGS services ?

After discussion with our team, we offer a personalized solution to your project, and tailor-made according to your needs, depending your genome type.

Biofidal can sequence your RNA-seq project with flexibility based on multiple approaches: rRNA depletion, mRNA selection, strand-specific sequencing or not, single read or paired-end run sequencing, according to your need. A highly accurate analysis pipeline is available for the quantitation of expression levels of annotated transcripts by mapping the reads on a reference genomle. The expression level comparison between different groups can lead to a statistical differential analysis.

You can trust on our reactivity, fast delivery, low prices and scientific support for the best adaptation of protocols and techniques to the goals of your projects.

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