Successful participation to the EMQN quality network on our DNA sequencing performances in 2020

European Molecular Genetics Quality Network

The European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) is a provider of External Quality Assessment (EQA) services which are essential for any laboratory seeking to maintain and provide a quality service. EMQN is a not-for-profit organisation promoting quality in genetic testing by establishing, harmonising and disseminating best practice. It provide accredited (ISO 17043) confidential EQA for over 700 member labs worldwide in collaboration with many organisations including EuroGentest, CF Network , UK NEQAS for Molecular Genetics, RCPA QAP, RfB and the EAA.

EMQN had grown rapidly over the years, and as its reach extended, a scaleable management system was required with support for defining, running and managing its many EQA schemes.

EQA Scheme participation, based on volunteering, helps to improve specific testing quality and demonstrates laboratory’s commitment to a professional level of service.

EMQN’s EQA schemes are designed to test the whole analytical process of a molecular diagnostics laboratory; the ability to interpret data in the light of clinical information supplied with a referral, and to produce a clear and accurate report.

  1. Participants receive 3-4 samples with mock clinical referral.
  2. The laboratories have 8-10 weeks to perform the analysis and report their findings.
  3. Assessment includes genotyping as well as interpretation and reporting.
  4. All reports are independently assessed by at least 2 expert per assessors.
  5. Participants receive their marks and a final report showing any general take home messages and improvement needs.


Biofidal participation to EMQN’s EQA scheme and results in 2020

In order to test our repeatability and reproducibility data from trials and improve the performance quality of the implementation of our methods at the analysis level, Biofidal participates annually to the EMQN scheme.

For the fourth year, Biofidal has successfully participated to the EQA technique-specific scheme in 2020 based on the DNA sequencing – Sanger (Data Quality assessment) with a maximum decile performance indicator of D1 (D1 to D10).

Biofidal is 2 on 52 French laboratories with a Qlap QR (%) of 89,59, and 11 on 301 total participating laboratories.

Based on this successful assay, Biofidal’s team ensures DNA sequencing results with the best and top quality.