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ALDEVRON – Plasmid DNA production for any application
Aldevron has been perfecting plasmid DNA production since 1998. With the successful completion of over 60,000 projects, they have developed unsurpassed expertise in plasmid manufacturing. Using proprietary technology, Aldevron manufactures DNA for a wide range of research, preclinical, clinical, and diagnostic applications. Whether you require 1 mg of DNA for a research study or 100 g for a clinical trial, they can provide you with the most affordable, high-quality plasmid DNA manufacturing services that ensure your satisfaction.
We at BIOFIDAL work with them for more than 10 years now, for all French customers, we can forward them all your requests, so don’t hesitate to ask us a quote, or project study, Aldevron teams will answer your needs.

BIOFIDAL and the University of Science UCB Lyon I have signed a public-private partnership. Indeed BIOFIDAL and the technical platform DTAMB, have entered into a development and servicing collaboration. This partnership, established in early March 2010, allows you to benefit from preferential rates and terms for Sequencing and Genotyping custom services.
Among the proposed activities : NextGenSequencing : sequencing (de novo or resequencing) of small genomes, Amplicons and RNAseq. Routine Sanger sequencing (PCR, plasmids, BAC) and analysis of fluorescent PCR products (Microsatellites , AFLP, STR, VNTR etc) on ABI 3730XL capillary sequencer .

GENOSTAR – Partnership for Bioinformatic analyses of NSG data
About Genostar
Genostar is a bioinformatics company specialized in solutions for biological data analysis from genome to metabolome. Their softwares, data and services facilitate a knowledge-based approach to prediction and understanding of cellular processes.

Their solutions for annotation and comparative analysis of multiple organisms contribute to life sciences research in many fields: vaccine discovery & development, nutrition & health, diagnostics, infectious disease research, animal health, public research and more.

Genostar’s R&D, technical support, and sales & marketing are based near Grenoble, France, in the heart of the French Alps.

SOLIS BIODYNE – Nec Plus Ultra PCR Reagents
Today’s worldwide preoccupation is global warming and preserving the planet. So what wonderfull idea to send all PCR, qPCR reagents at Room Temperature. No more need of dry ice or polystyrene packaging box. So it’s lighter shipment with less carbon dioxide release, less waste to throw away or recycle. You have all these great advantages with Solis Biodyne Products. Take a look at their genious technology and you will be convinced. By the way you will participate to healthy product purchase and its’ great !!

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