Panel Sequencing

Targeted gene panel sequencing

Targeted gene sequencing is an effective solution to analyze a large-scale genes of interest from specific genetic diseases or others conditions. NextGen Sequencing allows a sensitive analysis of target specific genes or mutations on high numbers of samples (up to 1536 amplicons plexity), in a single efficient and cost-effective assay. With its high coverage, NGS allows the discovery of common and rare mutations (SNP, InDel) and copy number variations (CNV).
illumina has already design multiple sequencing panels, for various particular diseases.

How to use our Panel Sequencing by NGS services ?

After discussion with our team, we offer a personalized solution to your project, and tailor-made according to your needs, depending on your targeted regions and your sample diversity.

gDNA or total RNA extraction, marker specific amplification, run sequencing and bioinformatics analysis for genus or species identification are the complete personalized workflow solution that Biofidal can propose, allowing to multiplex up to 864 PCR products simultaneously on a single run. With a paired-end 2×250 bp or 2×300 bp run on MiSeq system and the sequencing deep coverage, the communities investigation will be with high resolution.

You can trust on our reactivity, fast delivery, low prices and scientific support for the best adaptation of protocols and techniques to the goals of your projects.