Ready-to-load NGS libraries

You have constructed by your own NGS libraries and you are looking for a MiSeq or a NextSeq platform to sequence it?

Biofidal can propose you a complete quantitative and qualitative control quality of the multiplexed libraries pool or of each individual library before pooling and sequencing them on an Illumina sequencer.

NGS libraries construction

The MiSeq system is a power tool mainly adapted to small genomes, targeted genes and amplicons analysis. However, our expertise is also adapted to eukaryotic genomes analysis.

Because NGS libraries construction workflow is the same whatever the starting organism, BIOfidal proposes to construct and pool all your NGS libraries. Do not hesitate to check our portfolio to have an idea about our range of services (DNA-seq, RNA-seq, small and longs amplicons, etc.). It is possible to develop new libraries protocols for your project (exome sequencing, methyl-seq, etc.).