NextGen Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing

Solutions for both De Novo and re-sequencing genome analysis. Complete start-to-finish project management with customized tools and data reporting. Custom Project management to help you reach your research goals.

Amplicon Sequencing

Amplicon sequencing is a highly targeted approach to analyze genetic variations in specific genomic regions. The ultra-deep sequencing of PCR products (amplicons) allows efficient variant identification and characterization.


Microbial profiling solutions to determine the composition of bacteria, archaea, fungi and eukaryote in your samples. This can be applied to a broad range of samples, including food, probiotics, water, microbiome, biofilm, fermentation and soil.


RNA-seq is a highly sensitive method to measure gene expression level and to compare it between different samples and conditions. RNA-seq is also a powerful method to identify all the small RNA in your samples of interest.

Panel Sequencing

Targeted gene sequencing is an effective solution to analyze a large-scale genes of interest from specific genetic diseases or others conditions, with a sensitive analysis of target specific genes or mutations on high numbers of samples.


In addition of the classical sequencing analysis, Biofidal can be involved in collaborative projects for various developments of NGS sequencing libraries construction. Biofidal can take in charge the sequencing of your "ready-to-load" samples, and your libraries construction before the sequencing on another Illumina sequencing platform.