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BIOFIDAL offers several DNA Analysis Services :

Molecular Microbiology

Analysis Exemple : Microbial Identification: 16S Gene Sequencing

Comparative DNA sequencing analysis is widely considered to be the best genotypic method for microbial identification. The most common approach is PCR amplification and sequencing of all or a 500bp portion of the 16S ribosomal RNA gene. Sequence data is then compared against a sequence database ideally containing only validated microbial sequences.

BIOFIDAL has more than 12 years of experience in contract DNA sequencing of PCR products, which makes us ideally suited for genotypic microbial identification.
*Identification to the species: identity >99% on 16S rDNA (Stackebrandt et al comitee, 2002).

Identification to the gender : identity between 97% and 99% on 16S rDNA.

*We accept only biosafety group 1 strains (no risk or negligible risk).

Typical Workflow of 16S identification Services

Molecular Genetics

Services Included

Custom research and consulting

Our experienced professionals can assist you with projects related to molecular biology and microbiology.

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