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Analysis of the genetic diversity of microbial flora in different environments

Metagenomics enables the study of genome diversity of an entire microbial flora (including non-culturable bacteria) or micro-organisms present in a given sample.

It is possible to focus the analysis on the bacteria, but also fungi, yeasts …

The samples analyzed can be of different origins and analysed for different applications such as:
Environment (water withdrawals from rivers and other various floors etc …)
Medical (sputum samples types, tissues, feces …..)
Food (cheese analysis, milk, meat)

We propose an approach based on next-generation sequencing technology Roche GS-454 ®, or Illumina MiSeq which produces long sequences (> 400 bases) to cover full-length of the targeted amplicons.
This ensures proper identification of microorganisms. We also can do the extraction steps of genetic material, if you prefer to outsource.


Amplicon resequencing: Amplicons can be sequenced, enabling:

Detection of mutations and sequence capture

Depending on the nature and scope of your project, our platform can direct you to our services of low coverage analysis of amplicons (Analysis of gene targets, design of primers, PCR and Sanger capillary sequencing on a ABI3730XL machine).

Or Deep Coverage with preliminary enrichment of regions of interest (capture sequences) with high-throughput sequencing technologies like and Illumina ® MiSeq system.

Our analyzes allow the identification of mutations, characterization and selection of SNPs.
For confirmation and validation of biological SNPs identified, further analysis on capillary sequencer ABI 3730XL ® is systematically proposed.

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