Identification service For bacteria and fungi

Identification service For bacteria and fungi

Bacterial identification Services using 16S rRNA sequencing. Molecular based identification is fast, accurate and sequencing results are blasted against a commercially validated database. The system is based on PCR and DNA sequencing. There is no need for time-consuming growth. This makes it suitable for fast screening (1 working day for our fast service!) of even the most difficult samples

For fungal identification we also offer services based on ITS-sequencing protocols

Genotypic Identification

Single Locus Sequencing (SLS)

Bacteria: 16S rRNA Gene Long Sequencing
Uses PCR to amplify more than 1,400 base pairs, double strand sequencing and comparison to validated databases.

  • Genus and species level identification
  • More accurate than partial sequencing
  • Rapid, reliable and efficient

Fungi : 25S rRNA Gene or ITS1/ITS2 Partial Sequencing
Uses 25S rRNA gene.

  • Genus and species level identification
  • Rapid, reliable and efficient

Multilocus sequencing approach for deeper analysis and Typing

Multilocus Comparative Sequencing (MLSA)
Solves drawbacks from 16S rRNA (bacteria) or 25S rRNA genes, ITS1 and/or ITS2 (fungi), sequencing by increasing resolution to further discriminate at the species level.

  • Simultaneous comparative sequencing of multiple genes (HouseKeeping Genes: HKG) of taxonomical interest and extended databases of reference sequences: bacteria and molds
  • Application to strain typing (MLST)